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 BlackHawk's GM application

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PostSubject: BlackHawk's GM application   Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:06 pm

1. Name(Real name, or In Game Name) :

2. Byond Key(Your on you play on) :

3. Refferal(Anyone who can vouch for your work) :
im positive you can go on DragonBall GT mystic world and ask any of the higher level gms (lvl 5+) because they have been there longer and im sure any of them can vouch for my work.

4. Age :

5. Gender :

6. Hobbies & Interest's(Anything including outside activities) :
Starting to take an interest in coding so im am jsut learning the basics, i skate (skateboarding), and i like football.

7. Reason For Applying(Need's to be at least a paragraph, 3-4 sentences) :
I'm applying because i was always on bleach ketzuken and i loved it, and i can tell this game is goign to be even better. The fact that this game is going to be 100% original alone is proof that this game will get popular fast. Meaning more players who wish to play and enjoy the game and players who play just to take pleasure in ruining the game for others. Also i always help players when they need it ( if I'm able to help them) but seeing as how this game is comlpetely original it might take a coulpe days to figure everything out for myself.

8. Previous Experience(Any game even excluding Byond you have staffed for) :

Dragonball GT: Mystic World, Dragonball Dimensions, Dragonball Kai Worlds Mightiest II, Naruto Reborn Ninja, Naruto Ambitions of a Ninja 4, Bleach Ketzuken (semi experience from that one), and Dragonball Dark Apocalypse.

9. Experience with Help&Support(Can be in real life situations to I.E Customer Support for Mc Donalds) :
The only experience with Help&Support is what i have gained from being a moderator on games here on BYOND.

10. Why do you think your right for the job? :
I beleive i am right for the job because i have a lot of GM experience and i never abuse my powers, I always help players when i can and you will never see me getting angry over a game so i can guarentee i wont be like some people who just get angry and find a stupid reason to mute/boot/ban people

~ Common Sense Basic Intelligence Questions ~

1. If a red house is made of red bricks a blue house is made of blue bricks a yellow house is made of yellow bricks what is a green house made of?
Green Bricks.

2. What is x? x + 7 = 32 / 2?

3. If you had 5 apples and you take 3 away how many do you have?
2 apples.

4. There are 7 people on train #1 and 3 people on Train #2 if 2/3rd of the people from Train #2 move to Train #1 how many people are left on Train #2?
1 person.

5. What is a GM?
A GM is a game moderator

6. How would you solve a fight between two players?(List what you would do step by step)
It depends on the argument. If it is just over a rediculously stupid topic in which nobody would end up winning, I would tell them to stop. If they procceeded witht eh argument i would mute them. If it is a reasonable argument where there is someone who si actually correct i would ask them to say ors how anything to backup their side fo the argument. Then settle it depending on what the present.
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PostSubject: Re: BlackHawk's GM application   Mon Aug 30, 2010 5:06 pm

sorry for any typo's i tend to try and type to fast.
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PostSubject: Re: BlackHawk's GM application   Tue Aug 31, 2010 4:30 am

i think you should get it u'r awesome! and a good gm
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PostSubject: Re: BlackHawk's GM application   Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:05 am

Same, blackhawk is a great Gm, so he should be one again :3.
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PostSubject: Re: BlackHawk's GM application   

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BlackHawk's GM application
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