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 Hishido Shihou's Application

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Hishido Shihou's Application Empty
PostSubject: Hishido Shihou's Application   Hishido Shihou's Application EmptyWed Sep 22, 2010 12:10 pm

1. Name(Real name, or In Game Name) :
Hishido Shihou - My real name is Tienie.

2. Byond Key(Your on you play on) :

3. Refferal(Anyone who can vouch for your work) :
Keys :

Axerob - Owner of Naruto Online and ex-owner of Bleach - Last Horizon.
Nightmare Zarkus - Owner of Bleach - Last Horizon.

4. Age :

5. Gender :

6. Hobbies & Interest's(Anything including outside activities) :
Iconning, practicing Karate(I have a shodan), hanging around with friends.

7. Reason For Applying(Need's to be at least a paragraph, 3-4 sentences) :

I'm applying to be a GM here because I want to help you. This may sound cliche', but it's true. Dealing with trolls can be a tiresome occupation, and I have experience in effectively dealing with them. This game seems great, and it has the potential to be the best Bleach game out there, and I want to actively be a part of that and help keep the gaming environment peaceful and fun. I'm an honest and friendly guy, and I can deal with situations without having a biased opinion, and I detest people who abuse their power in game. I want to be a GM because I think I can effectively fulfill this role and alleviate the pressure that will undoubtedly be coming your way.

8. Previous Experience(Any game even excluding Byond you have staffed for) :

Bleach - Last Horizon.
Naruto Online.
My own games (Various, put them up, took them down).
Guild Wars. If you played it, I was the Alliance Co-Leader of the 700+ NiTe alliance. I also owned my own 1200+ member alliance called EcTo.

9. Experience with Help&Support(Can be in real life situations to I.E Customer Support for Mc Donalds) :

My Guild Wars experience with guilds helped me gain a lot of experience with this. Also, being staff in various games, I developed even more experience with help and support.

10. Why do you think your right for the job? :

I don't abuse verbs and I can peacefully resolve situations (except if the person is trolling, in which case I am strict).

~ Common Sense Basic Intelligence Questions ~

1. If a red house is made of red bricks a blue house is made of blue bricks a yellow house is made of yellow bricks what is a green house made of?


2. What is x? x + 7 = 32 / 2?


3. If you had 5 apples and you take 3 away how many do you have?

5 Apples.

4. There are 7 people on train #1 and 3 people on Train #2 if 2/3rd of the people from Train #2 move to Train #1 how many people are left on Train #2?

1 Person.

5. What is a GM?

A global moderator : A moderator who (on games) is in charge of moderating all activities in the game. Basically, it's a person with special verbs to help alleviate the workload of the game owners, and enforces their rules.

6. How would you solve a fight between two players?(List what you would do step by step).

1. Get the two players alone together.
2. Calmly ask each what the problem is.
3. Listen to each side of the story.
4. Depending on the severity and validity of the case, I would then decide how best to take action. (Mostly telling them to stop fighting and sort it out like normal human beings)
5. If the players don't cease to fight, I would mute both of them. Continuous fighting could result in a kick, and then a ban.
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Hishido Shihou's Application
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