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 Bleach Online Adventure Official Rules(Part 2)

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PostSubject: Bleach Online Adventure Official Rules(Part 2)   Bleach Online Adventure Official Rules(Part 2) EmptySun Sep 12, 2010 7:59 pm

This part of the rule's covers the RP/gameplay rules.

#1. You need to have a Roleplay First/Last name nothing like Killer, Killer, Frost, Cannon etc... Names from the anime are allowed due to the being the bleach world but none of these character's exsist.

#2. Talking in say is the generic RP you roleplay when talking to talk out of character put bracket's around your text [ Like this ], do that for any time you speak out of character, OOC requires no brackets.

#3. When doing combat or fighting you do not need to roleplay the full attacks or roleplay going into stance you simply need to make atleast a 1 line remark presenting that a battle will break out I.E "Im going to make this quick", or "Time to kill you!". The exception to this rule is during an "Invasion RP" I.E espada comes to earth, they can sonido to a person they sense and attack without announcing them self(Frowned upon but allowed).

#4.You have to roleplay as your race and your rank. I.E Captains should abide by the Seireitei laws and Squad 1 Captains decision's, Respect Ranked players in the gotei 13, Espada are limited on there "Respect" due to the ability to attack one another and challenge for positions at anytime. Captains should be adressed by their last name as a show of respect, so should lieutenants, Captains do not need to call their lieutenants by their last name. I.E Lieutenant of squad 1 John doe addresses his captain Jane doe as , Captain Doe-san(-chan,-kun etc depending on gender)

#5. You can receive bonus gameplay perks for showing great RP and story skills, as captains lieutenants and espada have to maintain their duties.

#6. Before a captain may go to earth they need to receive permission from the Squad 1 Captain, AKA Captain Commander. When traveling to earth you need to inform your lieutenant so they can inform your squad or you can inform your squad yourself.

#7. Rule #6 can be broken on the account of if theirs an invasion of Espada or Arrancar's or during a mission or rescue operation.

~ Seireitei and Soul Society Basic Rules ~ - These can be altered by the Captain Commander in-game.

1. Captain's and lieutenants should not release their zanpaktou without war-time order's or unless the soul society is in grave danger i.e (Espada attack or Ryoka invasion)

2. Captain's are forbidden to release their bankai without war-time order's.

3. Executions are to be acknowledged then carried out a week after they are declared. People can interfere with an execution but at the risk of punishment chosen by the Captain commander.

4. Captain's do not have the right to punish or interrogate other squad's members, Captains do not need to show respect to one another.

5. As a captain and lieutenant your stat's will automatically be sealed at 80% power when entering earth plain, to lift this limiter you need to have permission from squad 12, or from the Captain Commander.(No way to release the seal unless you have one of those two)

6. Captains must attend all meetings required.

7. Giving your shinigami powers to a human is unforigivable and punishable by death.

~ Hueco Mundo & Las Noches Rules ~ Changable by the Espada Leader in-game

1. Espada #'s 1-4 are not allowed to release within the confines of Las Noches, Punishment is decided by the Leader.

2. Gran Rey cero is forbidden in las noches, once again punishment is decided by the leader.

3. The leader must witness all challenges for Espada rank's.

Side Note's

As a RP/PVP mix game you will need to fluently roleplay as your character, starting off as a human you do not know about Shinigami's or Hollows or any of that, you eventually learn about it(When a message tells you to find a man in a green outfit and he owns a shop) Until then you know nothing of them, so act as if you don't ,

Also, you do not know peoples name's without asking them, so dont flat out run up to someone and say HI -there name- , when they never told you it.

Punishment for not abiding by the Roleplay law's(Non in-game ones) will result in a 30 minute mute, 6 hour mute and then a day ban.

"Quincy's arent rigged their just sexy" - Gokumasaki
Bleach Online Adventure Official Rules(Part 2) Newsig2m
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PostSubject: Re: Bleach Online Adventure Official Rules(Part 2)   Bleach Online Adventure Official Rules(Part 2) EmptyMon Sep 13, 2010 9:03 pm

Sounds Great =P

This is gonna PWN.

Just hope it won't be hard to get Shini or other races.
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Bleach Online Adventure Official Rules(Part 2)
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